Formation Documents

formation documents

Formation documents are called many different things depending on the state your in or the country you are from.

  • In Delaware, a formation document for a Delaware LLC is called a Certificate of Formation. For a Delaware corporation the formation document is called a Certificate of Incorporation.
  • These formation documents are date- and time-stamped by the State of Delaware and are evidence that your LLC or corporation has been formed.
  • The formation documents include basic information such as: company name, formation date, number of authorized shares and par value (if a corporation), and the name and address of your registered agent and registered office.

If you are ever required to provide evidence of your LLC or corporation, you may be asked for a Certified Copy of your certificate of incorporation or certification of formation.

A certified copy is not the same as a Certificate of Good Standing. A certificate of good standing is a document from the state that indicates that your taxes are paid up to date and, if you have a corporation, your annual report has been completed and filed.


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