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Delaware C Corp vs LLC

This section compares the differences between a Delaware C corp vs LLC. The chart below will help you decide which entity type to select.

Corporation vs. Limited Liability Company

delaware c corp vs llc


  • Both offer similar Liability Protection for owners/investors.
  • S-Corporations and LLCs are both eligible to "pass through" profits and losses to the owner's personal income tax return (at personal income tax rates), to avoid "double taxation".


Annual Reports:

  • Delaware C Corporations must name one officer and the board of directors on the Delaware Annual Report which is Public Record.
  • Owners/Shareholders are not named.
  • Delaware LLCs do not file Delaware Annual Reports.

Raising Capital:

  • Delaware C Corporations can raise capital through private sales to investors or may be listed to be publicly traded on a stock exchange (subject to securities regulations).
  • Delaware LLCs can raise capital by selling shares to investors, but cannot be publicly traded on a stock exchange.

delaware c corp vs llc

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