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Assumed Par Value Capital Method

Assumed Par Value Capital Method Calculator - 2017 Rates

When using the 'Assumed Par Value Capital Method," you must provide numbers for all issued shares (including treasury shares) AND total gross assets.

Gross assets is defined as "total assets" reported on the U.S. IRS tax form 1120, schedule L. The franchise tax rate is $350 per million or portion of a million. (For 2018, the franchise tax rate is $400 per million or portion of a million.)

However, it's much easier to use our handy calculator below. You'll need to know your corporation's gross assets and authorized shares. Plus, our calculator is a lot easier to use than the State of Delaware's spreadsheet.

These are estimated Delaware franchise taxes.



IMPORTANT: This is an estimated franchise tax amount. The franchise tax amount does not include the Delaware annual report fee of $50. This figure also does not take into account any past due franchise taxes, penalties or interest that may have accrued. Delaware allows you to select either method, whichever is lower.

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