DE Incorporation

Incorporating a corporation in Delaware is very popular among startups and venture capitalists.

With a DE incorporation you can take the company public in the future. You cannot take a Limited Liability Company (LLC) public.

By setting a DE corporation, you'll be able to raise funds in the public markets.

Here are some additional features of the Delaware Stock (General) corporation:


  • With a Delaware corporation you do not have to name an initial director.
  • A DE Corporation is required to file an Annual Report which must include:
    • The business address and phone number
    • The name and address of one officer
    • The names and addresses of all Directors
    • The shareholders are not listed on the annual report and are not reported to the state.

Income Tax

  • There is no Delaware state corporate income tax on goods or services provided by DE corporations operating outside of Delaware.
  • Delaware Sales Tax is zero (0%).
  • Tax Status:
    • The default tax status is stock corporation. A stock corporation pays income tax at corporate rates and files a corporate income tax return known as an IRS form 1120.
    • If eligible, the corporation may elect S-Corporation tax status. An S-Corporation is taxed at personal income tax rates and the profits and losses are reported on the personal income tax return.
    • If organized as a not-for-profit corporation, the company can apply for tax-exempt 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


  • The liability of all shareholders (owners) is limited to their investments in the corporation (unless they personally guarantee other debt incurred by the corporation, commit fraud or commingle funds).


  • A DE corporation is required by law to maintain a Registered Agent in the state of Delaware. We can be your Delaware Registered Agent.
  • The first 12 months of Registered Agent service is FREE with the purchase of a new DE incorporation. The service is $100 per year for billing addresses in the US and $120 if your billing address is located OUTSIDE of the United States.
  • A stock corporation authorizing 5,000 shares or less will pay the minimum Franchise Tax of $175 plus a $50 Annual Report Filing Fee.
  • A DE stock corporation has the right to conduct Interstate Business and DBI can qualify a Delaware corporation to conduct intrastate business.


  • Non-resident, non-citizens are eligible to form a stock corporation or a not-for-profit corporation in Delaware.
  • Non-residents are not eligible to apply for S-Corporation tax status.
  • A Delaware Corporation with no US Source Income will not owe US Federal Income Tax.


  • A DE corporation can raise capital by selling shares of stock privately or on a public stock exchange.
  • Ownership of a DE corporation is recorded on stock certificates.


Included in all incorporating services:

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  • Preparation & Filing of Articles of Formation
  • Same Business Day Processing
  • Registered Agent (1st Year FREE)
  • Email Reminders & Alerts
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