International and Offshore Entrepreneurs | The Delaware LLC

This section was created especially for international businesses and offshore investors who intend to incorporate in Delaware, USA or to form a Delaware LLC in the USA.

  • We've been helping international entrepreneurs and offshore investors with their special needs since 1986.
  • DBI's experience in this area greatly exceeds that of many Delaware service companies and unlike most service companies, we offer apostilles and legalization of documents for International and Offshore clients.

Why is Delaware so popular with international entrepreneurs and offshore investors?

  • There are many advantages to forming a Delaware LLC or Incorporating in Delaware. Here are just a few:
    • With the help of DBI, you can form a Delaware USA LLC or Corporation without ever coming to the United States. Even if you are not a resident, and even if you are not a Citizen.
    • If you are a non-resident/non-citizen, and have no US Source Income, you will not owe income tax to the US or Delaware.
    • The Delaware Division of Corporations does not maintain the names of Delaware LLC Members/Managers on public record.
    • Delaware's Court of Chancery is a world leader in US and International business law. Legal actions are more predictable because of its deep and broad body of case law.
    • You will not be asked to provide any documents or present Identification to start a Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation.

Corporations Compared to LLCs


Features / Entity

Limits Liability

Annual Reports

Annual Shareholder Meeting

Raise Capital from Investors

Publicly traded

Directors are public record

Annual Entity Tax


















Delaware Corporations

  • Annual Reports are Public Record and require the name and address of all Directors but do not report the names of the shareholders.
  • Annual Shareholder Meetings do not have to be held in Delaware, and can be held as phone/video conferences.

Delaware LLCs

  • Delaware LLCs do not file annual reports of any kind.
  • LLC's can raise capital by selling Membership Shares but LLC's do not issue Stock Certificates.

How To Determine If You Have
US Source Income

Item of Income

Salaries, wages, other compensation

Business income: Personal services

Business income: Sale of inventory - purchased

Business income: Sale of inventory - produced




Royalties: natural resources

Royalties: patents, copyrights, etc.

Sale of real property

Sale of personal property


Scholarships - fellowships

Sale of natural resources

Factor Determining Source

Where services

Where services

Where sold

Where produced

Residence of payer

Whether a U.S. or foreign

Location of property

Location of property

Where property is used

Location of property

Seller's tax home (but see Personal
Property, in Chapter 2 of Publication
519, for exceptions)

Where services were performed that
earned the pension

Generally, the residence of the payer

Allocation based on fair market value
of product at export terminal. For
more information , see section
1.863–1(b) of the regulations.


*Exception: Part of a dividend paid by a foreign corporation is U.S. source if at least 25% of the corporation's gross income is effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business for the 3 tax years before the year in which the dividends are declared.

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