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The Value of the Virtual Office

It’s no secret that the landscape of the traditional office environment has changed over the last decade. The digital age has revolutionized both how we do business and how we work. Cubicles have transformed into open floor plans. Conference calls can be conducted over computers. Telecommuting has turned into working remotely -- so remote in fact, that some freelancers refer to themselves as “digital nomads”.

For entrepreneurs, the landscape has changed, too. Many startups aren’t simply starting in garages, they’re starting on laptops; and, as their business grows many eventually land in co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are much more common in larger cities, with companies like WeWork and Benjamin’s Desk in Philadelphia providing space for budding businesses. We have them in Delaware, too; spaces like The Mill and Start It Up Delaware are smaller and independently owned, but still offer the physical yet flexible workspace entrepreneurs crave.

We at DBI offer a service similar to a co-working space, but one that offers even more flexibility and privacy: the virtual office. Our virtual office provides a Wilmington, Delaware address with proof via a signed lease, a fully serviced office facility, and yes -- even a parking spot.

Let’s break down what a DBI virtual office offers:

  • Physical, commercially-zoned, street business address in the corporate capital of the world: Wilmington, Delaware
  • Time-shared​,144 sq. ft. private office
  • One parking​ ​space​ at no additional charge
  • Signed​ ​office​ ​lease​ ​with​ ​804​ ​LLC Engraved company​ ​name​ ​plaque​ with your corporate name
  • Use of office​ ​photos​ for your website, brochures, and other advertising material
  • Use of professional, beautifully-appointed, carpeted office​, furnished generous work space, computer with Windows 7 software, and complete Microsoft Office programs, including Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; and printer Utilities including heat, air conditioning, water, sewer, and FREE Wi-Fi internet access with Verizon DSL service
  • Security​ ​deposit​ ​waived​ for 12-month, pre-paid lease Basic​ ​Volume​
  • Mail​ ​Forwarding​ ​included Delaware 302 Area Code Phone Number forwarded to any other number in the world or to voice mail. Additional services fees may apply

So, why a DBI virtual office space? What sets it apart from other virtual locations? One very small, but key detail: the state of Delaware. While Delaware isn’t exactly known for its size (we’re the second smallest state before Rhode Island), we are known for being the leading incorporating state in the United States with over half of public and Fortune 500 companies incorporated in Delaware. The state’s flexible corporate laws, well-established court system, and business-friendly tax laws create a corporate utopia for starting a business.

So, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to expand your business into the U.S. market, consider starting your Delaware LLC by opening a virtual office with DBI. The added value of a Delaware virtual office lends credibility to your business with a physical address (among other benefits), while still maintaining the flexibility of your work schedule. You can come and go when you please, take advantage of our mail forwarding services, and enjoy the benefits of having a business address in the corporate capital of the world: Wilmington, Delaware.


To get the full details or order a virtual office, visit our Delaware Virtual Office page