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Why you should consider Delaware...

If you've been thinking about registering a new Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation you've come to the right place! Over 1,000,000 companies (including more than half of the Fortune 500) have chosen to incorporate in Delaware. Here are five frequently cited reasons:

  1. Privacy
    The Delaware Division of Corporations does not maintain the names of Delaware LLC Members/Managers on public record. 

  2. Director Shield Law
    A Delaware director shield law permits Delaware Corporations to shelter their directors from personal liability.

  3. Favorable Tax Climate
    With no state Sales Tax, no Corporate Income Tax for companies operating outside of Delaware, and no Corporate Income Tax on companies whose sole activities in Delaware are related to intangible investments, Delaware is considered by many to offer a favorable tax climate.

  4. Pro-Business Legislation
    Delaware remains unique in the degree of latitude it affords Corporations and Limited Liability Companies in organizing and operating their business. Our pro-business corporate and tax laws are geared to help entrepreneurs conserve and increase their capital; which in turn benefits our own state economy.

  5. Delaware Court of Chancery
    Respected around the world, the Delaware Court of Chancery has developed a massive body of case law over more than a century of corporations rulings. This incomparable resource actually helps companies to avoid lawsuits by informed planning and decision making.

See how Delaware compares to:

California, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas

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Did you know? We incorporate and form LLCs in all 50 US States. If you are thinking of incorporating in another state an Incorporation Specialist would be happy to answer your questions and provide a price quote.

More Information:

The Why Incorporate in Delaware section contains additional information about why so many companies choose Delaware as their corporate home; including the article "25 Reasons to Incorporate in Delaware" and the guide, "Why Corporations Choose Delaware," available for free download as a .pdf.

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